Invitado especial, Moby! :D

No es solamente que me guste mucho su música, sino que también como persona me cae bastante bien, y para muestra unas cuantas reflexiones que le he leído ahora en este domingo de flojera:

so we just arrived in cancun and i’m sitting on my balcony looking at the ocean and there are gigantic clouds piled up over the sea and i wonder why the tropics get better cloud formations than we get up in yankee-land.
si, soy un gringo en mexico. estoy agui para tocar la musica para el gente de mexico, y despues el gente de venezuela, colombia, chile, brazil, y argentina.
y deseo hablar espanol mejor(mas mejor?)que puedo hablar espanol en este tiempo(ahora?).
por que puedo hablar un poquito de espanol pero no puedo entender nada en espanol por que soy un gringo ignorante de los estados unidos.
hasta luego,

“sort of seperate from the unfolding disaster in the wake of katrina, i have to draw your attention to my favorite website it’s the national geographic website, and it’s fantastic. and yes, i’m a nerd.


“so now we’re in monterrey.
not the peninsula.
not the land of whales and henry miller.
but the land of, well, where we’re playing tonight.
last night we went to cirque du soleil.
and, as has happened every time i’ve seen cirque du soleil, it made me want to exercise for 8 hours a day and run off and join the circus.
and after the circus i invited all 80 cirque performers and production people to the show that we’re doing tonight.
and hopefully after the show we’ll all go out and they’ll teach me some tricks of the trade(like how to juggle 9 rubber balls at the same time).
monterrey is very mountainous.
i look out of my hotel window and i see nothing but mountains.
i like mexico.

“in mexico city now.
home of trotsky and frida kahlo.
and, i’m not sure, but wasn’t mexico city originally a giant lake that was turned into a city because people on peyote saw an eagle attacking a snake?
i’m an ignorant gringo, but that’s what i’ve heard.
please correct me if i’m mistaken.
2 a.m here, and it’s raining and peaceful and it’s time for me to go to sleep.
g’night, buenos noches,

“I was reading about venezuela’s offer of assistance to the u.s, and hugo chavez was quoted as calling bush ‘the king of vacations’ and i laughed out loud.
that should be bush’s new moniker.
‘all hail the king of vacations’!

“last night in mexico city was great.
16,000 of the most enthusiastic fans i think that we’ve
ever played in front of.
necesito decir gracias a las personas de la ciudad de mexico.
and now we’re in the airport getting ready to fly to venezuela via panama.
too bad i can’t get out and visit the canal.
but maybe i’ll buy a few panamanian postcards so that i can claim that i’ve been to panama(albeit for a 1 hour layover…).
uh oh, plane’s boarding.
more later.

i’m sitting in the airport in bogota waiting to get on a plane to santiago via ecuador.
and it’s september 11th, my birthday, but also the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in u.s history.
at present there’s a memorial service going on at ground zero.
i don’t want to sound negative or depressing, but we can’t let ourselves forget what happened on september 11th.
terrorists hi-jacked planes and killed thousands of completely innocent people and changed our world forever.
without september 11th george bush would’ve been a one term president and we would never have invaded afghanistan or iraq.
without september 11th the thousands of innocents who were killed on that day would now be eating breakfast with their families.
nothing in the last 30 years has affected our world more than what happened in new york and washington on september 11th, 2001.
so we can’t let ourselves forget that thousands of innocent people were killed by murderous terrorists, and that the geo-political realities that we all confront and live with day to day were changed forever.

“yes, i confess, i was ignorant and i did believe that mexico was in central america.
thank you for clearing up my misperception.
although i should’ve known, seeing as nafta, involving the u.s, canada, and mexico, is the ‘north american free trade agreement’.
can’t have a nafta with a country that’s not in north america.
so, i stand corrected and i apologize for my prior statements of egregious ignorance.
thank you.

Y bueno ya no les pongo más porque se van a aburrir, pero se me hicieron muy divertidas e interesantes, espero que vuelva pronto pero que ahora si pueda ir a su concierto, definitivamente es uno de los mejores a los que he ido 😀

5 Comentarios en “Invitado especial, Moby! :D”

  1. Ultramancito Dice:
    October 3rd, 2005 at 5:55 am

    Orale interesante, no soy un fan pero me acorde de que salio en Otro Rollo este sabado pasado (aca sale los sabados) y no se si estemos atrasados dos semanas o algo asi pero ahi salio tocando una cancion. Luego me pregunte porque nomas salio en una cancion y ni siquera le hizo entrevista el Adal. Muy extraño.

  2. kiki Dice:
    October 3rd, 2005 at 7:22 am

    yey!! si moby, national geographic manda!! 😀 😀 (L)
    uh uh, me cae bien 😀 donde leiste todas estas cosillas para ir leyendo por mi cuenta y asi (aunq se que se me va a olvidar)?
    saludos 😀

  3. NOlo Dice:
    October 3rd, 2005 at 9:41 am

    Ultramancito, eso pasó porque el día del programa era el concierto de Moby en el DF, y por lo tanto el no pudo estar en vivo, la canción que tocó ahi fue grabada… -__-, que mala onda yo quería que al menos lo entrevistara asi grabado, supongo que es porque no tenía tiempo…
    Y cecy de la noche, eso lo leí en su blog jajaja :p

  4. loquisiux Dice:
    October 3rd, 2005 at 6:07 pm

    Ah que interesante…me cae bien Moby, no pude ir a su concierto porque no tenia dinero 🙁 pero me hubiera gustado mucho .__. ahi ahorita busco a ver si consigo el blog del amigo moby 😀
    Te Amo mi amorcito..:*

  5. Karen Dice:
    October 4th, 2005 at 6:34 am

    Se ve que es una persona bien buena onda, que suave necesitamos a mas personas asi. saludillos

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